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Oct 18, 2018

Having a rough day/week/year? We’re living in a world that’s full of distraction to help you avoid those kinds of moments that leave you feeling down, anxious, or uncomfortable--but is that a good thing? With all the talk about “the happiness movement,” shouldn’t your goal be to live in a perpetual positive state of mind? Listen in as Luke breaks down the truths and myths about overcoming your negative emotions.

Key takeaways:

Connection granted. The results are in! Many of our listeners have taken our recent challenge to greater connect with themselves and there’s nothing but optimistic feedback. Ready to detox your mind and uncover what truly makes you happy? Try THIS for just 5-10 minutes a day . . . [1:00].

Emotion influenced. Think of those who were most influential to you growing up. When it came to emotions, did they wear their heart on their sleeve--completely vulnerable--or did they bottle their feelings so they were never, ever spoken of? Your emotional heritage can create destructive patterns. Avoid these TWO . . . [4:42].

Attitude shifted. Distraction’s on the rise. From substance abuse, binge-watching, to scrolling through your social media feeds--addictions are playing a heavy role in how we “deal” with hard times. But here’s the truth: having a bad day? Good. Feel it. It’s best to stop avoiding the feeling and HERE’S why . . . [8:34].

Spirit refreshed. Have you recently received bad news? Are you going through a difficult time in your home life? Just feeling under the weather? Good news! There are proactive ways to helping yourself manage those uncomfortable moments. Give these TWO exercises a go for more valued, meaningful days ahead . . . [13:24].

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