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Apr 10, 2018

You’re “the boss” at work, at home, with everyone (even down to your pets). You talk and people listen and act--but does that really make you the boss of your own life? Kathleen Shannon, creative and entrepreneur mastermind, reveals what being “The Boss” actually means and how to get to a place of self-realization.

Kathleen’s the co-founder of Braid Creative, a branding agency that specializes in helping creatives, small businesses, and organizations blend more of who they are into the work that they do. She’s also the co-host of the Being Boss podcast and co-authored the Being Boss book with Emily Thompson which is being released today. Being Boss is where she digs into the mindset, the habits, routines, and boundaries that help creatives be more “boss.”

Get ready to be The Boss in every part of your self-fulfilled life from the inside, out.

Key takeaways:

Beyond the hunt. Do you have a life motto you quietly tell yourself when facing a challenge? Right from the start, Kathleen shares a mantra that’ll empower anyone on their way to discovery and reassurance. The one thing every entrepreneur MUST repeat to themselves…[02:45].

Becoming “The Boss.” Living the entrepreneurial lifestyle’s on the rise; and how could it not be when people are becoming more and more creatively fulfilled by going out on their own. Ready to give it a try? Start HERE…[17:38].

Handling the Imposter. There are times when you feel out of alignment-- like you’re pretending to lead when really you’re just not feeling it--Kathleen calls this imposter syndrome “fraudy feelings.” Good news! There’s a way to overcome them, and here’s how…[25:20].

When someone else’s agenda drives your direction, life just isn’t as sweet as it could be. Your life is meant to unfold from who you are. So, how do you uncover a life that puts you back in the driver’s seat so you can create the life you want over an experience you feel you were dealt?

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