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Feb 27, 2018

Life has a funny way of helping us find unforeseen opportunities. Sometimes it’s in the form of job loss, an accident, a break-up – but it’s within those small flashes of despair that we uncover moments of life that allow us to touch life directly, to experience it in wondrous ways. Dan Millman, former World Champion athlete turned inspirational speaker, shares how just one sudden experience in your life can be the ultimate wake-up call that propels you forward.

Dan’s influenced many walks of life as a former athlete, a Stanford University coach, martial arts instructor and Oberlin College professor. He’s highly known from his writing, as he’s an author of 17 books including his classic Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which was released as a film by Universal starring Nick Nolte in 2007. As a popular international speaker, Dan continues to help others dive deeply into the idea of turning what they know into actionable steps.

The path of living a life of a peaceful warrior starts with only a few steps - start today!

Key takeaways:

The Warrior within. A warrior’s battles start internally. They’re when we’re most discouraged, when we’re faced with self-doubt and meet our inner demons. But once they’re conquered, we soar externally. The TWO principles you need to follow on the battlefield…[09:40].

The voice within. Think of your life goals – you want a family, a specific career path, to check off all the incredible adventures listed on your bucket list – but how do you start? Get ready to take action and build momentum! Try THESE two things to dream big and start small…[19:04].

The process within. You’ve heard it before, “I was in a dark place and then this opportunity presented itself and it changed everything.” When we’re so deep in the moment, how can we recognize such life-changing opportunities? How can we trust our intuition to rise in that very moment? Learn this ONE method…[35:05].

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