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Dec 12, 2017

There are endless mountains of opinions out there on every and any issue and the important thing to remember is that in everything you’re reading, hearing, or watching – there’s always a truth somewhere in the middle, you just have to find it. That’s what Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, leading expert on human perception, encourages you to understand today.

Dr. Brian, as his patients affectionately call him, is considered America’s TV eye doctor, having appeared on The Today Show, The Doctors, Good Morning America, CNN, Extra and many others. Brian has authored three bestselling medical books, is a WebMD editor and has given more than 230 scientific talks. And while he’s well known for his surgical expertise, it’s his latest and groundbreaking book, Perceptual Intelligence, that’s generating much of the buzz these days as it’s considered the next wave in deepening our intelligence-- especially regarding how we see and sense the world.

Get ready to raise your perceptual intelligence and build connections with others on a level that can bring real, powerful change in all areas of your life!

Key takeaways:

Your built-in BS detector. You’re listening to someone with a completely different background then yours – experiences, ethnicity, working class, etc. – and you’re just not seeing eye-to-eye. Listen HERE to understand the power of perceptional intelligence and how it can help you filter the experiences in your life...[06:00].

Your halo effect. Have you ever purchased a product/service because your favorite celeb or friend was endorsing it? We can be incredibly susceptible to trusting an outsider’s opinion and sometimes it can lead us down the wrong path – not anymore! Listen to THIS one piece of advice to end the highly influenced cycle… [16:31].

Your turning point. You’re in a situation and your gut’s telling you there’s something wrong, but everyone around you continues to go with the flow-- even though they feel the same way. How can you be the positive influence and voice in a strong social circle? Try THIS…[29:00].

Your heightened experience. It’s time to raise your perceptual intelligence. Only by doing so can you make smarter, well-rounded decisions as you’ll be able to discern between what’s false and what’s reality on your own. Ready to give it a go? Start HERE…[32:48].

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