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Dec 5, 2017

What would you do if you got a call at this very moment and your life was turned upside down? Where would you go mentally? How would your fight or flight responses take over? Jim Curtis, master storyteller with a penchant for innovation, shares his methods and experiences for finding a way to respond to and thrive in life’s most difficult challenges.

A 20+ year survivor of a debilitating chronic illness, Jim’s soon-to-debut book The Stimulati Experience: Nine skills of getting past pain, setbacks and trauma to ignite health and happiness is a roadmap to living a stronger, better, bolder life, and offers ways on how to encounter and face what it is that stimulates us. He’s the President of Remedy Health Media, America’s fastest growing health information company, and the creator of WebMD and EverydayHealth. With a prolific career in health publishing, Jim’s a sought-after public speaker as well as a business coach. He’s made a mark quite nicely as a disruptor of the healthcare industry by shifting how patient stories are told, infusing them with emotion and personalization.

Thrive when you least expect it and never look back!

Key takeaways:

The big question. In life we’re faced with inevitable challenges and after some time we might begin to ask ourselves, “what if?” But what’ll get you from point A (the question) to point B (seeing what if become reality)? Start HERE to overcome your current mindset and perspective…[04:41].

The survival instincts. Living in survival mode’s a state in which you disconnect from it all and distract yourself with the hopes of getting through something. There are many times when it’s needed, but how long SHOULD you last in this mode? Shift out of survival mode and into active living by trying THIS…[11:33].

The powerful story. There are stories that bring us hope like those undergoing similar life experiences that see themselves through. But there are also stories that threaten us, keep us in survival mode, and simply do us more harm then good. Listen HERE on how and why you need to distinguish the good from the bad…[15:33].

The healing process. Shame, anger, and resentment – we all have these emotions and sometimes they appear when you least expect them too. But where do they stem from and how can we rid ourselves from them once and for all? The SIMPLE answer is…[24:44].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You're never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.