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Sep 13, 2018

Living a life that’s more fulfilled, more enriched–a life of purpose–what does that even look like for you? In this minisode, one of the BEST transformational leaders, Niurka Iam, breaks down the steps to discovering your destined path of who you really are and where to look.

Niurka’s the author of the book Supreme Influence: Change Your Life with the Power of the Language You Use. She’s a trainer of Evolve NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and has spoken on some of the world’s largest stages. Niurka’s a powerful communicator who’s even been a top corporate trainer for Tony Robbins.

Bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be, starting NOW--

Key takeaways:

Is that you? You’ve been looking for change--for self-realization--and you keep hitting dead ends. Poof! The answer to connecting to your REAL purpose is this… [04:38]

Have you changed yet? When it comes to the natural evolution of your new self, Niurka says it best, “The flower doesn’t try to bloom.” The ONE routine to add to your morning/night schedule to make the transformational process unfold is…[09:39].

Where do you start? There are effective strategies and techniques to communicating your vision, to breaking down the barriers that continuously get in the way. Ready for the actionable steps? Get the front row seat to a very REAL transformational breakthrough…[22:02]. (PSST! It’s an exclusive day event coming up!)

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You're never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.