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Nov 26, 2019

Did you know that our society’s currently facing an epidemic level of loneliness? And that lack of connection is clinically proven to trigger our sympathetic nervous system, leading to a death spiral to our health? Well--good news! Thanks to leading psychiatrist and educator in the field of human relationships, Amy Banks, hope is very much not lost.

Amy’s also a speaker and author dedicated to spreading the scientific knowledge that people need healthy, human relationships for emotional as well as physical growth and well-being. She’s the first person to bring relational, cultural theory together with interpersonal neurobiology and is the foremost expert in this combined field. She has spoken nationally and internationally on the neurobiology of relationships.

Amy's a popular interviewee on the topics of loneliness, friendship, and the neuroscience of relationship--having been quoted in the New York Times, O Magazine, Health Magazine, and more. Her very popular blog, Wired to Love, is published online in Psychology Today. Amy co-authored the book of Wired to Connect as well as authored Four Ways to Click: How To Rewire Your Brain For Stronger, More Rewarding Relationships.

Take a deeper look at your current relationships to be wiser and stronger for it, and then lead the way!

Key Takeaways:

Our cultural belief. In 1928 President Hoover described a true American as someone who could stand on his own two feet, one who was completely self-reliant. 91 years later we’re still trying to build ourselves up to this image, but why? How can we reverse the toxic trend in a healthy, confident manner? Start HERE . . . [07:06].

Our playground grief. Were you ever on the schoolyard and not chosen to be part of the team, excluded and hurt to be left out? Turns out that social pain could be more common and normal than you might think! Internally that rejection sets off an alarm in your brain and does some wondrous things. Next time you feel left out, try THIS . . . [25:09].

Our first connection. Are you someone who can easily connect with others on the first go? Or does approaching a stranger and getting to know them one of your deepest, darkest fears? If you’re the latter--you’re not alone! The REAL reason making new friends can be hard and terrifying is . . . [30:00].

Our healed self. Acceptance; inside us all, we deeply want it from others. Good news--despite what others might say, that need can be a strength, and with a little work, it can be easier to master than you might think. Leave it to neuroscience! The ONE-MINUTE technique that can help you find recognition is . . . [43:13].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You're never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.

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