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Sep 4, 2018

We’re an emotional species overcome with anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, shame, guilt, and even happiness and excitement. Research strongly suggests that when we’re feeling unsettled with such feelings we often turn to food. Is there a diet for the emotional eater? Listen as Julie Simon, author and expert on why we use food as comfort, gives you all the advice you need to overcome your overindulging ways and to build yourself up.

Julie’s the author of When Food Is Comfort and The Emotional Eaters Repair Manual. She founded the popular LA-based and online 12-week emotional eating recovery program and offers workshops in venues like Whole Foods and UCLA.

Reconnect to your true self, tap into your inner wisdom, and be comfortable with the reality that lies ahead, starting NOW!

Key takeaways:

Your nurturing needs. Decades ago we were a society of large, extended families. When one family needed help, help was all around. This “raised by a village” mentality had immense benefits, especially psychologically. So, what’s the result of a society that no longer has that? Look out for THESE signs…[08:46].

Your powerful dialogue. There’s this inner voice that lives within you--the voice of reason, of reassurance, the voice of regulation who tells you in the kindest, most logical way, that you should stop doing something. 99.9% of us never really fully develop that internal nurturing voice--until now. Try THIS to boost your inner voice…[14:43].

Your built-in awareness. Two-thirds of US adults are overweight and 80 million Americans are dieters. Whatever form of “food,” be it actual food or something else that brings distraction, we’re falling into this binging predicament because we’re not able to truly connect to what’s happening around us. Let’s change that by starting HERE…[28:25].

Your parenting self. Things aren’t going right. You’re feeling self-defeated and letting your negative, critical thoughts take over. Hit pause! The good news is those wild temper tantrums that burn within can be calmed and eliminated once and for all. To enrich your inner child and even your own children, build THESE exact skills…[34:37].

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