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Aug 14, 2018

How do you matter? To yourself, your community, your family—how are you valued? Do you even feel valued and does it even matter? Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, proficient author and human development expert, shares his humor, research, and knowledge on the importance and need to understand your different dimensions of well-being.

Isaac was born in Argentina and is the former dean of the School of Education, Human Development at the University of Miami. He’s currently the Vice Provost for institutional culture and holds the Irwin and Barbara monitor chair in community well-being. Isaac's also a professor of educational and psychological studies. He's published nine books, including most recently The Laughing Guide to Well-being as well as over 130 scholarly papers, book chapters, and book reviews. A vegan, fitness aficionado and developed humor writer, Isaac received an award from the National Newspaper Association for his comedy writing in 2015.

Learn to identify why you matter and begin to celebrate who you truly are.

Key takeaways:

The well-being need. When someone asks, “how satisfied are you with your life?” Where does your mind go first? Home life? Work life? Physical condition? The truth is your well-being’s incredibly multidimensional. The key to nurturing all areas of your wellbeing is THIS…[08:04].

The inclusion need. From early childhood, we have this immense need to matter—to feel our needs are being addressed, to feel valued, and to be part of the familial team. And what if you don’t get that sense of belonging? Be on the lookout for these TWO behavioral patterns that can develop in adulthood…[16:37].

The valuable need. Values are the anchor of your life. They help steer your decision-making and provide a foundation of who you are. Such values are the secret to your well-being. Get to know who you really are by identifying these THREE types of values within yourself…[36:57].