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Jan 16, 2018

Leadership’s something everyone is a part of. Whether you’re a parent, doctor, employer, or even a football coach – if you have influence or impact on others, you have the opportunity to lead, so why not do so greatly? Linda Kohanov, author, speaker, and experienced horse trainer, reveals the five essential roles of a master leader and how they’re everything you need to become the leader you’ve always envisioned.

Linda’s an internationally recognized innovator in the field of equine experiential learning. She’s a respected writer on the subject of equine-facilitated psychotherapy. Her newest book, The Five Roles of a Master Herder, helps the reader make sense of previously confusing group dynamics and it helps people to develop a mature, balanced, mutually-empowering approach to leadership and life. Linda’s also authored several other books including The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse which was selected as one of the top 10 spirituality books on Amazon in 2001.

Whether you believe it or not, you have the natural ability to lead. Uncover your hidden talent starting NOW!

Key takeaways:

Unleash a super power. A horse can stand up against a human being, a pack of wolfs, or even lions to protect its herd. These non-predatory herbivores have so much more to teach us, humankind, about mindfulness than we realize. Your hidden lesson of internal strength revealed HERE…[07:09].

Uncover a newfound territory. If you want to specialize in business, then you’ll study business. The same will apply to any specialization, but research shows that over-specialization can actually make you highly dysfunctional. Learn to disassociate with roles, to break away, with this ONE tip…[11:33].

Unveil a less dominant world. Do you have a family member, boss, or friend who has you walking on eggshells because you don’t want them to explode? Where in a blink of an eye they can make you feel like your smallest, most incompetent self? No more! Combat any dominant person by doing these TWO things… [19:38].

Unlock a new characteristic. A leader shines in new situations and experiences. Their heavy curiosity and confidence naturally becomes contagious to the rest of the group. It draws everyone in, but can it be taught? Yes! Begin practicing these traits by knowing THIS…[33:59].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You're never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.