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Oct 17, 2017

Did you know that some of your most dreadful struggles and challenges hold the keys to unlocking your utter happiness? Mary O Malley, author of What’s in The Way is The Way, shares how to use those obstacles and see them for being absolutely perfect for you in their moment in time. Listen in as she gives clues to finding the joy in the struggle.

Mary’s an author, speaker, and counselor in private practice in Kirkland, Washington. Her inspired and transformative approach to compulsions offers a way to replace fear, hopelessness, and struggle with ease, well-being, and joy. Barely surviving her own childhood, at 26 Mary found herself lost in a labyrinth of self-hatred and discovered a method to feeling more vibrant and alive than ever — freeing herself from a lifelong struggle.

Acknowledged as a leader in the field of awakening by those such as: Neale Donald Walsch, Jeff Foster, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Steven Levine and Christine Northrup, Mary invites others to experience the miracle of awakening through her individual counseling and coaching books, classes, retreats, and ongoing books. She’s dedicated to helping others heal themselves by seeing what truly blocks them from life’s joy.

Learn how to sink deeper into the experience of life through the struggle and find a new, gratifying way to live.

Key takeaways:

Unlocking your struggle. Whether you’re in your 20s or 40s, life’s experiences can make you feel like everything around you is spiraling out of control. You wonder -- how did I get here? How will I survive? How can I fix this? The ONE thing you need to do to step out of your mind and see the experience from a different perspective is…[10:29]

Unraveling your hidden skill. Did you know there’s a part of you that knows how to instinctually bring more calmness to any situation, where you open your heart, breathe easier, and soften your belly? The next time you find yourself so anxious that you have balled up fists and a tight chest, remember THIS internal talent…[16:26].

Unleashing your innermost being. In The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell speaks about the rapture of being alive. It’s about being your true self and living as such. But when you’re struck with fear, guilt, or other disempowering emotions that grip you tightly, how can you find the release button and let it all go? Try THIS…[31:06].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You're never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.