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Sep 27, 2017

This episode originally aired on The Meaningful Way Podcast | Episode 7

Imagine for a moment, that you and your family decide to leave your home country on a boat; the journey then includes two years in a refugee camp. You’re welcomed into the new country and settle in one of the rougher neighborhoods of Philadelphia, where violence, crime, poverty, and dropping out of school are the status quo. What do you do with that? What meaning do you find?

If you answered, you go to Harvard, have a very challenging time assimilating, so you teach yourself neuroscience, self-directed work to expand your neuro plasticity (the brains ability to change), develop mind hacking techniques for healing and raising potential, then you must already know our guest.

Due Quach (pronounced “Zway Kwok”) is the founder of Calm Clarity, a social enterprise that combines science and mindfulness to help people across the socioeconomic spectrum master their minds and be their best self. Calm Clarity creates social impact by using revenues from corporate training services to deliver the same high-quality training to disadvantaged groups such as low-income first-generation college students and inner city teenagers.

If you’ve ever come across adversity, here’s the key to finding a more meaningful way.

Key Takeaways:

Ditch the uncertainty! How do you find your identity, fight stigmas, and embrace who you are? The no-fail mindset you need to succeed… [7:02].

Be the misfit! Competition and comparison can weigh us down. You might look at your best friend and wonder why he/she has the good grades or the coveted dream career. The signs that you might be looking too far outside yourself and why being the “smartass” will set you on the right path… [11:18].

Feed the brain! Self-defeat or self-care? Which would you choose every day? The science behind listening to your body’s rhythms and the balancing act that places you on solid (not shaky) ground… [20:25].

Version 3.0! You don’t have to “selectively” be your best self – you can be your best in every situation. It involves turning on a switch…once that light is on, it naturally and effortlessly shines bright. Learn more about this trick here… [31:29].

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