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Sep 27, 2017

This episode originally aired on The Meaningful Way Podcast | Episode 23

Go to work. Do your job. Come home.

And what happens before and after can feel like the ONLY life you're living. Can you relate? In fact, 30% of the global workforce is actively unengaged (anxious, depressed, etc.).

Jennifer Moss, cofounder of Plasticity Labs and author of "Unlocking Happiness at Work," shares how on paper it looked like she should be happy, but wasn't. Listen in as she gives the BEST advice there is to becoming the catalyst in your own life for positive change and genuine, tangible happiness.

Jennifer Moss is considered to be a happiness expert and thought leader on the topic of emotional intelligence and organizational performance. She was most recently recognized with The International Female Entrepreneur of the Year award and named a Canadian Innovator of the Year.

Jennifer spent a decade working in Silicon Valley during the formative years of social and digital technology and was honored with the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama. Jennifer's also the cofounder of The HERO Generation, a non-profit that works with schools to improve student and teacher mental health.

Key Takeaways:

The Dr. Seuss lesson. "You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in." Wisdom from Dr. Seuss can remind you that if you woke up this morning, can walk on your own, and are loved by your kids, partner, friends, pet, etc. -- then life is pretty darn great. But when a moment changes everything, how do you know you're going to make it through? The simple answer is... [4:30].

Clock in, clock out. The traditional workplace attitude is that life begins outside of work, but that's an outdated way of thinking. Millennials crave purpose in their work, and who doesn't? You'll spend roughly 90,000 hours of your lifetime in the workplace; be determined to spend that massive chunk of your life happy. THIS is what it should look like... [14:12].

Beyond the warm and fuzzies. Happiness is a state of bliss that's too often fleeting. You just got a promotion, your child slept through the night, you got a close parking spot -- all temporary joy. Developing a sense of happiness that will permanently get you through tough times of failure, risk and beyond, starts by thinking in THIS new way... [17:33].

Your happiness hygiene. Building a healthy, consistent level of happiness takes time and work. Moss says, "Psychological fitness is a lifestyle change, not a diet." Take that to heart by learning the four traits you NEED and the daily practices that will get you to a state of authentic happiness in as easy as 1-2-3... [22:35].

A new generation. Gratitude is the language of mindfulness, but how do you become fluent in it? As a leader of your family, your co-workers, and others, it can be easy to get lost in the purpose of helping THEM live a meaningful life. The path to a culture immersed in gratitude and how to jump right in, is found here... [28:44].

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